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July 16 2017


oh my god my hetero BABIES ! im such straight trash ! welcome to the sin bin i wrote a 10k PWP on my straight OTP ! oh god im going to hell !


when you hear the THUD of a cat landing on the floor that shouldn’t have been on the counter in the first place


July 15 2017

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Kirishima week - Day 2 - :re

Maybe they had some little talks drinking coffee in the morning… like… family :__)

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July 14 2017

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a sore loser

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Taylor Swift versions of played out band shirts to annoy indie kids with

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this is the content i signed up for


i can’t believe the entire tokyo ghoul series was ruined in over a span of five chapters

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these two are the furthest thing from goals but i appreciate their goth girl / nerd preppy guy aesthetic 


gimme the soup boys and free my soul , i wanna eat soup out a little bowl , and drift away…

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today i found out that the entirety of drake & josh was animated by hand and?????? im so amazed holy shit, computers will never be able to top what can be achieved through traditional human artistry

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chrollo + cherry soda


me: hey can you make dopamine and serotonin

my brain:


July 13 2017


You’re bi if you think you’re bi. There’s no quota that needs to be met, no set amount of crushes that you need to have to be able to qualify as a “real” bisexual. You’re bi if you think you’re bi and if you keep doubting yourself that’s probably because you are, in fact, bisexual.

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so i made one of those palette challenge things?? send me a character+a palette name and i’ll draw them in that palette yo.

also feel free to reblog this for ur followers to challenge u

all palettes courtesy of @color-palettes

July 12 2017


Light “If someone actually dies, does that make me a murderer? No way. That’s impossible.” Yagami

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