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September 10 2017

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the trio..

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So like how collectively Fucked™ do you think we would all be if Hozier did a cover of Hallelujah?

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every year at nycc i make a tradation of adding to my new best friends print line.  cant go wrong with classic supergirl and batgirl . Best friends who have been friends for decades.

bummed on Missing last year , but i am returning this year at table BB19


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he loved his lady lyanna, and thousands died for it

September 08 2017

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September 07 2017

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i just started art school recently so in celebration i am drawing n havin fun with my 2 stinky boys

September 06 2017

no offense but ... my loneliness .... is killing me ......... and I .... I must confess .... I still believe .... still believe :/

September 05 2017

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death note au where everything is the same except L sits like this


bisexual culture is being very specific with the men you’re interested but having absolutely no type when it comes to girls because they’re all so beautiful

September 04 2017

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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Tumblr RP 2012: He grabbed a carton of milk and drank it.

Tumblr RP 2014+: Slender digits might curve delicately——&& OPAQUE biodegradable material would find a long-lost home snugly ‘neath gangly sticks of bone and sinew. A cow’s utter hath provided CREAMY substance now floating on white clouds of honeydew in said CARTON—— and as butterfly petals part to receive the rich nectar, a feather-like sigh finds it’s way into the Autumn air.

September 03 2017


waited 7 years to see perfect man specimen rhaegar targaryen but instead we get some rando in a greasy viserys wig 

marvel headquarters, early 2000s


guy 1: who do u think we should cast as wolverine

guy 2: idk probably a huge, jacked man

September 02 2017

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