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October 28 2017

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire


Tag reblogs with what you got.

October 27 2017

October 24 2017


favorite shakespeare trope: the one character in the tragedy who survives the bloodbath at the end and is left to look at all the bodies scattering the floor and talk about how badly everyone fucked up

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ladies practice

remember when all of these characters were dismembered for the sake of the bland male protagonist

October 23 2017


trans man culture is being a twink

October 22 2017

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October 21 2017

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Light is always pretty much a challenge to draw since his expression is usually careful and calculated. I think I want to see him lose his cool, showing a rougher side, cause it’s fun.

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Happy birthday, Carrie Fisher! Rest in peace knowing you’ve inspired and will continue to inspire generation after generation of little Leias!

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young jack/joker for anonymous

October 20 2017

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this match will get RED HOT!

October 19 2017


Hands down the best fact from Death Note is that Light refuses to take the Shinigami eye deal because he wants to live a long life but still fails to outlive Misa, who took the eye deal twice.


horrible block..if anyone wants to send some requests feel free

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October 18 2017

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Wassup everybody. So as i mentioned a while ago I’ve been seriously considering creating a death note zine just because i’m a freak and i think some of you guys are on the same boat. the influx of death note art has been inspiring and i think now is probably the best time to make this, na mean. at least something good can come out of… you know what.

If you’re someone who’s interested in helping me organize this zine / an artist or writer that’s interested in contributing / or someone who’s interested in possibly buying, please take some time out of your day to answer this short survey, if you can.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you guys could give this post a boost. thanks fellas.

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If and only if



peak obi wan is when he still argues with anakin while anakin’s currently burning to death

peak anakin is when he still argues with obi wan while currently being on fire

October 17 2017

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I went through a bit of a rough patch recently, and decided to channel all that into these three gifs. As an artist, I try to find beauty in the darkest places and share that beauty with the world; or at least, I hope I did that here.

Take your broken heart, make it into art. - Carrie Fisher

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